by Blue_Notebook

At the recess of your prison dark, I crept,
perusing with my hands the darkened liquid that flowed from you and I wept.
Hypnotized by the monstrous heart of this evil ground,
no longer have I sauntered in felicity around.

Tortured heaving collapsed in my hearing,
my love, my dear, how much are you suffering?
Forward I hastened my gait,
a vision of you burning in my tears—too late.

Questions and questions more prevented my moving to you,
forgetting the winds that scented your hue.
Laden has been my proboscis as I crept harder,
an army of your darkness behind me grappled, I shudder.

Marred with vanes my body faltered,
that image before me taunted the pain and it altered.
Blocks and blocks more of difficulty hindered me,
why must you not dare to move and save your lee?

Faster now and faster I went,
my king, my love, my life to you I’ve spent.
Waves of death pushed my carcass,
shot at you, dead as if in a car crash.

Warm rheum fell to your visage lifeless,
I’m now close, touching your soul, feeling less.
How come you’re not breathing stars,
when I, the universe, is hugging you within these bars?

Author’s Note:

Credits to the owner and creator of the picture used.

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