by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) You have missed me.Hurriedly buried before an accumulation of dust,trampled over by a hundred clacking which,for you and me,silences the rusty burst of an unsaid parting,obscures the mimicking thuds of life saying dadum-dadum-dadum,the rhythm of a house at war brought to life by horses;all within our heaving chests,all within our... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook Loveless, I turned to my feathers, plucking all silver slivers of what was once a shelter, a home to warm a flame, turned roofless and dead, bleeding and cold; to write the blue sands with some stories about a fire and how it came to, its munificence, grandeur, felicity, components of a lover... Continue Reading →

White Hole

by Blue_Notebook Mother, mother! How I love this earth and all that runs dead in it. My eyes are perfected to not see and I live in utter darkness. Let me plant here trees as gold as the moon. Later on, I will build a garden full of sparkling flowers as white as the night... Continue Reading →


Firefly Rely on these words of mine: I will make sure that I'll arrive on time again in the afterlife.


Life who isn't mine I want to remind you of a present wrapped in ink tucked safe in papers and blogs your immortalized reflection. Credits to Gull G for the picture used: Beautiful Woman Holding Flower

by Blue_Notebook Countless are the times when, Word by word my hand like a bleeding thorn, Spoke of endless lies by the aid of a pen, Thinking that perhaps the time is nought but scorn, In which our fates are convoluted for all kind of storms.   And I was wrong.   Far are the... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook At the recess of your prison dark, I crept, perusing with my hands the darkened liquid that flowed from you and I wept. Hypnotized by the monstrous heart of this evil ground, no longer have I sauntered in felicity around. Tortured heaving collapsed in my hearing, my love, my dear, how much are... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   Sands of darkness like a vulture above me flew, Its shadow upon my naked void stood as a coat anew. Creeping, crawling, devoured--- all in a sense deliberating, like a wildfire it grew upon my countenance null of all staking.   What it holds is what it sees, over and over in... Continue Reading →

Cimmerian Waters

by Blue_Notebook   Dearest lover, your hair of phantasms to the winds shiver, vitality is of the words corrupt, within those strands shimmer, all abomination yet I strive still and dangle, sharpened are my teeth to which in your ebony vines bit perfect an angle.   Dearest lover, your visage is of no other, convolute... Continue Reading →

Yellow Wine

by Blue_Notebook   'Tis hands' small yet warm to the touch gentle, bedizened with lights flickering at the darkest of nights to your fingers a mantle. With much sorrow and grieving, I have been blessed, for the universe whole and infinite to peruse me messed. A valley emptied of tincture and life became I, that... Continue Reading →

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