White noise

by Blue_Notebook  “To be mad in a deranged world is not madness. It’s sanity.”--Leslie (The End of the Fucking World)  Flickering lights have been the only entertainment to my presence. Accompanied by the silence and by the only noise coming from the bulb (which goes like the buzzing of electrified bees), I found solitude in... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   Nose-dive: a swift plunge downward by an aeroplane, kite, etc.   Clouds of mist have floated still and motionless around where I stand. Almost phantasmagorical in nature as it endeavours to replace the hue of the place into that of a darker tincture, robbing my eyes of the power to perceive and... Continue Reading →

Petals of the Mouth

by Blue_Notebook There hidden in extreme shadows of melancholy, my eyes caught hold of its iniquitous beauty. Coated by the hands of the universe as it trembles to the touch of my presence's air, nibbling like a child on the bosom of its creator. Aye! Such is my mistake to deliver and pronounce. For indeed... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   A woman in her mid-30's have appeared in a rush before me, holding a ton of paper works on her left hand and a laptop with a loose extension wire both captured by the right. She's not the most intriguing type as I can remember, wearing a typical white long-sleeved shirt and... Continue Reading →

The Circuit

by Blue_Notebook   An aureate line, convoluted in a destitute passion. An unfettered charge, hollowed  by eons of inquietude due to an unstoppable change. An imminent loss, fanned by masked adversaries released by the unending smoke of a phantasmal divinity. Cry they must who feigned ignorance upon immobility. For what power can make it absolute... Continue Reading →

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