About the Author (Updated 4/28/22)

“The owner of this page is known under the name Gabr/Blue_Notebook. The age of the owner is prohibited from publicity.

Gabby is a… corporeal entity.

Poetry is a beauty. And I live to die within my thoughts alone. – Gabby”

It’s been a year, maybe, since I have last changed my “about” here. A lot of things happened and a lot of internal changes were made within me. I have focused more on my academics rather than my writing for the past year and earlier months but now, writing this on the night of April 28, 2022, I’m saying that I am back to writing again.

Will the themes change? Did the style change? Did the author die and is this new person/author the previous ones’ pseudo? Nah, peeps. Still me, still the same. But I’m gonna be honest, this comeback is more colourful than before. More themes are going to be touched on as I play with my writing styles. More genres. And of course, I will incorporate a lot of what I have learned to give back to the writing community and to the readers as a whole.

Let’s get it all started. And excuse the big, unprofessional photo I have used. I’m afraid I can only take shots of other material things best and not of my own face.

Best and beast,

Gabrielle Ricafrente (no more pseudonyms)


Here are my other accounts for those who couldn’t reach me on WordPress:

Twitter: @LiteraryDazai

Tumblr: wordsandacademia

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