Die Würmer von Eden

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) Draped in a dark blue suit lashed here and there with fine black lines to add complexity to a rather obscure singularity; the man with his broad back turned for my aggrieved vision to touch yet never to pull back walked forward, sun and Cimmerian augury burning against the tincture... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook Dark is the sky that flattens its countenance above us. But incongruously enough for the perception of the ignorant, divested of all aureate dots, it loomed upon us the heft of a sorrow unseen, of a dint unfelt. This insufferable atmosphere has caused none but great trepidation within my carcass as I witness... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook         The sharpest, longest, and loudest inhale swarmed at the entirety of the lurid chamber. It owned every corner, every top and bottom, every furniture and material my vision would allow me to perceive and consume by the means of identifying them and relating such images to the situation. An intrinsic response by... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook At the recess of your prison dark, I crept, perusing with my hands the darkened liquid that flowed from you and I wept. Hypnotized by the monstrous heart of this evil ground, no longer have I sauntered in felicity around. Tortured heaving collapsed in my hearing, my love, my dear, how much are... Continue Reading →

Grey Roses

by Blue_Notebook Years of endless control have had me immobilized. Abject is the dust of power sprinkled upon me by the vast darkness. The very same gift that destroyed the meaning it contains, leaving me in an abeyance too different to be compared to that which the others below me can or have experienced. With... Continue Reading →

Perused Vestige

by Blue_Notebook Blank stares from colourless eyes are the best. Mouths gaped open are the best. Silent destruction---or perhaps my mind's still haunting the wicked---is the best. The mere thought of the sun being able to sleep after watching over this destitute world is a delight I couldn't take. Perhaps, the reality of such creation... Continue Reading →

Stolen Soul

by Blue_Notebook Believe me when my ebbing voice vanishes into thin whispers. Because all stars die together with their illumination. And I'm no star. Only a rheum, a scant of it that refuses all light to gather and possess me. That, in its very sense, is the reason why our passing is of no grace... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   Sands of darkness like a vulture above me flew, Its shadow upon my naked void stood as a coat anew. Creeping, crawling, devoured--- all in a sense deliberating, like a wildfire it grew upon my countenance null of all staking.   What it holds is what it sees, over and over in... Continue Reading →

Cimmerian Waters

by Blue_Notebook   Dearest lover, your hair of phantasms to the winds shiver, vitality is of the words corrupt, within those strands shimmer, all abomination yet I strive still and dangle, sharpened are my teeth to which in your ebony vines bit perfect an angle.   Dearest lover, your visage is of no other, convolute... Continue Reading →

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