Schrödinger’s Writer

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) Sometimes, upon closing my eyes to search for muses inside a place so dark and empty as my thoughts, letters of the alphabet would loom before me as gargantuan elements. With my corporeal eyes closed tight, my mind’s eye bulges and shifts wildly. And I watch as my spirit grows... Continue Reading →

Colour of the Scale

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) That day the cloudless firmament parted like paper torn by a monstrous claw. A grim darkness bled from the tattered wound of the welkin. It was accompanied by an echo so horrifying since it was the echo of a million vermillion screams hiding behind the universe's obsidian cloak. After that... Continue Reading →

Stolen Soul

by Blue_Notebook Believe me when my ebbing voice vanishes into thin whispers. Because all stars die together with their illumination. And I'm no star. Only a rheum, a scant of it that refuses all light to gather and possess me. That, in its very sense, is the reason why our passing is of no grace... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror

by Blue_Notebook     It does not reflect, perhaps it is a defect. The sun is way past through the haze of the night, illuminating the ground beneath it with a harsh stare of hell. Humans are yet deceived by its beauty, pronouncing the way this world glitters before their eyes day by day. But... Continue Reading →

The Circuit

by Blue_Notebook   An aureate line, convoluted in a destitute passion. An unfettered charge, hollowed  by eons of inquietude due to an unstoppable change. An imminent loss, fanned by masked adversaries released by the unending smoke of a phantasmal divinity. Cry they must who feigned ignorance upon immobility. For what power can make it absolute... Continue Reading →

Land of Green

by Blue_Notebook   Sprouts of foible rectangles, Leaves that differ in tinctures and angles, Murder and erect thy golden tree, Below is nought but remains of land not free.   Iron cylinders cloistered and trapped, Glass penetrable reflecting death, mapped. Infamous cyclops within are rooted, Shackled by ghost chains in the light protruded.   Applaud... Continue Reading →

From the Glittering Sky and Below

by Blue_Notebook   There they shine like gossamer stars floating in the dark melancholic sky. The censers of this nation’s sweet and afire desire to fly and to be recognized by its own people and by the flux of time.   Their bodies are slender and swift like a rose, bedizened with colorful stripes of... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook “The truth you behold is like a raging fire that wants itself to be known and to be felt. And so is the world.” The dove flew off from the dancing tree of the acacia. It flapped its wings until it reached its destination---the hill of flowers. Like a child, it swooped down... Continue Reading →


By: Blue_Notebook Tell me again, the ways of living and continuing to live inside this broken abyss Where the faded strings can be heard crying Sealed within the deepest sheets of your tantalizing kiss And in the frozen depths my soul is known, dying.   Hold me again, until all the fires of obscurity fall ill... Continue Reading →

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