by Blue_Notebook

I turned to my feathers,
plucking all
silver slivers
of what was once a shelter,
a home to warm a flame,
turned roofless and dead,
bleeding and cold;
to write the blue sands with
some stories about a fire
and how it came to,
its munificence,
components of a lover
I've forged
from my deepest misery.

Author's note: the photo is from wallpaperflare.com and I can't find the artist. This one's written in a whim. Worry not. I'll write more meaningful opuses next time. 

2 thoughts on “Once…

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  1. I’ve seen this image before as the cover art on an epic music compilation on YouTube but could not tell you the artist either. Admittedly, the picture is what drew me in initially – you have to love the allure of the familiar in new settings, but the poem itself is also interesting and I’m delighted to have learned a new word or two (namely munificence). ^_^ Thank you for sharing! And if I stumble across said artist for the image above again, I’ll try to circle back if I can remember. 🙂

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