Die Würmer von Eden

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) Draped in a dark blue suit lashed here and there with fine black lines to add complexity to a rather obscure singularity; the man with his broad back turned for my aggrieved vision to touch yet never to pull back walked forward, sun and Cimmerian augury burning against the tincture... Continue Reading →


by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) You have missed me.Hurriedly buried before an accumulation of dust,trampled over by a hundred clacking which,for you and me,silences the rusty burst of an unsaid parting,obscures the mimicking thuds of life saying dadum-dadum-dadum,the rhythm of a house at war brought to life by horses;all within our heaving chests,all within our... Continue Reading →

Colour of the Scale

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) That day the cloudless firmament parted like paper torn by a monstrous claw. A grim darkness bled from the tattered wound of the welkin. It was accompanied by an echo so horrifying since it was the echo of a million vermillion screams hiding behind the universe's obsidian cloak. After that... Continue Reading →

White Hole

by Blue_Notebook Mother, mother! How I love this earth and all that runs dead in it. My eyes are perfected to not see and I live in utter darkness. Let me plant here trees as gold as the moon. Later on, I will build a garden full of sparkling flowers as white as the night... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook         The sharpest, longest, and loudest inhale swarmed at the entirety of the lurid chamber. It owned every corner, every top and bottom, every furniture and material my vision would allow me to perceive and consume by the means of identifying them and relating such images to the situation. An intrinsic response by... Continue Reading →

Pure Lanes (A Skit)

by Blue_Notebook Obnoxiously old and grumpy Daniel is currently shopping at a local mart when, while reaching for the fourth row above him, another local friend whose name's David, came rushing about him with a Gollum smile etched on his face. David: Came for a nicer nickin'? Daniel: (to himself) Just the right timing to... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   I am not Death. Only its assistant. My master has bequeathed me a task beyond measure. They who were left behind the darkness envied me due to his task. And with a wider grin, I descended to the human world, spiralling down to one of the chambers of a house. It's not... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   A woman in her mid-30's have appeared in a rush before me, holding a ton of paper works on her left hand and a laptop with a loose extension wire both captured by the right. She's not the most intriguing type as I can remember, wearing a typical white long-sleeved shirt and... Continue Reading →

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