by Blue_Notebook At the recess of your prison dark, I crept, perusing with my hands the darkened liquid that flowed from you and I wept. Hypnotized by the monstrous heart of this evil ground, no longer have I sauntered in felicity around. Tortured heaving collapsed in my hearing, my love, my dear, how much are... Continue Reading →

Grey Roses

by Blue_Notebook Years of endless control have had me immobilized. Abject is the dust of power sprinkled upon me by the vast darkness. The very same gift that destroyed the meaning it contains, leaving me in an abeyance too different to be compared to that which the others below me can or have experienced. With... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   Sands of darkness like a vulture above me flew, Its shadow upon my naked void stood as a coat anew. Creeping, crawling, devoured--- all in a sense deliberating, like a wildfire it grew upon my countenance null of all staking.   What it holds is what it sees, over and over in... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   Lee of vermillion soldiers crept, Golden Sunday dreams into the dim of the moon leapt, Horned maladies and winged sorrow, Grim is the trials and judgments of tomorrow.   Sea of the sky a torture to the eye, Clouds of silver souls traversing like a lie, An arrow shot made of a... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror

by Blue_Notebook     It does not reflect, perhaps it is a defect. The sun is way past through the haze of the night, illuminating the ground beneath it with a harsh stare of hell. Humans are yet deceived by its beauty, pronouncing the way this world glitters before their eyes day by day. But... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   It does not reflect on me. Perhaps I should break the mirror because it is a defect. There goes the moon bright, curved into a million geodes. Enticing, yes. But see, it is dark as the inside of an ocean. There goes the birds feint, flying high in euphoria underneath a white... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   I am not Death. Only its assistant. My master has bequeathed me a task beyond measure. They who were left behind the darkness envied me due to his task. And with a wider grin, I descended to the human world, spiralling down to one of the chambers of a house. It's not... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook What does it feel like to be up there, in the same land as the rest of the human beings? I can't remember. - GrayWounds (May 2000- August ------) The impact is loud and clear as my body fully crashed itself upon the concreteness of the ocean green. Falling from such a great... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   A woman in her mid-30's have appeared in a rush before me, holding a ton of paper works on her left hand and a laptop with a loose extension wire both captured by the right. She's not the most intriguing type as I can remember, wearing a typical white long-sleeved shirt and... Continue Reading →

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