Colour of the Scale

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) That day the cloudless firmament parted like paper torn by a monstrous claw. A grim darkness bled from the tattered wound of the welkin. It was accompanied by an echo so horrifying since it was the echo of a million vermillion screams hiding behind the universe's obsidian cloak. After that... Continue Reading →

A Boo From the Crowd (An Essay About Acting)

by Blue_Notebook There has been lots of quotations and thoughts that have been popularized throughout the past millennia. And one of those has taken quite an enormous effect on me that it made great influence upon my writing as well as in my acting. That is, ‘The world is a stage play where people are... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook         The sharpest, longest, and loudest inhale swarmed at the entirety of the lurid chamber. It owned every corner, every top and bottom, every furniture and material my vision would allow me to perceive and consume by the means of identifying them and relating such images to the situation. An intrinsic response by... Continue Reading →

Gray Valley

by Blue_Notebook Wide and haunting, the dead land spread in front of me. Obscure it is, with its pallor a killer to the breath I hold. There the valley rests, lifeless and taunting. Eyes open and pained, it stares right into my own. Then started the vision, blinding not only I but also the lying... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Arms

by Blue_Notebook   "Marvel and behold, a thousand hands reaching in an infernal agony toward the darkened skies." - C.D In the early time of the second of July, with the morning stiff from its own coldness of air, all humans woke up from a deafening sound of certain vehicles, as if there are millions... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   Their bodies have gone soft, almost in the verge of melting down as if burnt candles. Look! See that one melt with a smile on his face as if folly became he. Rivet your gaze and witness! The melting of a thousand souls in this bright room swarmed by the strongest tempest.... Continue Reading →

From the Glittering Sky and Below

by Blue_Notebook   There they shine like gossamer stars floating in the dark melancholic sky. The censers of this nation’s sweet and afire desire to fly and to be recognized by its own people and by the flux of time.   Their bodies are slender and swift like a rose, bedizened with colorful stripes of... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook “The truth you behold is like a raging fire that wants itself to be known and to be felt. And so is the world.” The dove flew off from the dancing tree of the acacia. It flapped its wings until it reached its destination---the hill of flowers. Like a child, it swooped down... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Influx

by Blue_Notebook   It is of my utter discomfort upon such devastating extravaganzas that excited discourse in this unprecedented matter. The echo of its folly have reached my chambers, making me shift in ugly, indecorous positions. Though, of course, my being is not of that in an oblivious state to delay the truth of its... Continue Reading →

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