Blue Lilies (A Sequel to “Melt”)

by Blue_Notebook             At once, my ears have been cleansed by the lustre vibrations of Paganini’s romanticizing his violin. The man of high value has been sent to me with an order to play while I entertain the newly arrived guest of our Cimmerian Tower. He’s on his 24th caprice now which I, for... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror

by Blue_Notebook     It does not reflect, perhaps it is a defect. The sun is way past through the haze of the night, illuminating the ground beneath it with a harsh stare of hell. Humans are yet deceived by its beauty, pronouncing the way this world glitters before their eyes day by day. But... Continue Reading →

The Circuit

by Blue_Notebook   An aureate line, convoluted in a destitute passion. An unfettered charge, hollowed  by eons of inquietude due to an unstoppable change. An imminent loss, fanned by masked adversaries released by the unending smoke of a phantasmal divinity. Cry they must who feigned ignorance upon immobility. For what power can make it absolute... Continue Reading →

A Drop

by Blue_Notebook   Are you in pain the moment you fell from what you thought is infinity? Are you hurt the moment you shattered to pieces right before me? Whisper.   From where I am spreads this obscurity. The only color I see is the tincture of the blind's vision. And yet I do not... Continue Reading →

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