A Satellite Named

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) It is nigh. Faster now, you borrow form from the mist of memory. Softly you did crush into pigments of a strong bond that turned nasty in a moment's spurn. What was once quintessential and divine, after being bitten by frost, burst into flames to die buried underneath the ashes... Continue Reading →

What Loving Might Really Be

by Blue_Notebook I think humans are wrong to view love as a driving force, as a necessity in this world, or even as a guide for us to be better humans. No. The poets didn't lie when they said that love is the most magical thing this world contains. But magic... I believe it is... Continue Reading →

Dim (Entry No.1 of the Thought Series)

by Blue_Notebook   A world without discourse is more than gratifying enough for the tormented. But, I must never ignore the existence of those voices, prating endlessly within our own universe, scratching that one thin line that saves us from drowning in our own insanity. Those voices can backfire into us as we strive for... Continue Reading →

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