by Blue_Notebook Dark is the sky that flattens its countenance above us. But incongruously enough for the perception of the ignorant, divested of all aureate dots, it loomed upon us the heft of a sorrow unseen, of a dint unfelt. This insufferable atmosphere has caused none but great trepidation within my carcass as I witness... Continue Reading →

A Boo From the Crowd (An Essay About Acting)

by Blue_Notebook There has been lots of quotations and thoughts that have been popularized throughout the past millennia. And one of those has taken quite an enormous effect on me that it made great influence upon my writing as well as in my acting. That is, ‘The world is a stage play where people are... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook“Oh, so you’re a writer? Can you give me fifty essays regarding the society-tighty-tighty-blah-blah, ten good poems about whatever you prefer they will be about, sixty articles too targeting the politicians because, you know, they are and must be examined once and a while but not too much, all right? And also nine novels... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook         The sharpest, longest, and loudest inhale swarmed at the entirety of the lurid chamber. It owned every corner, every top and bottom, every furniture and material my vision would allow me to perceive and consume by the means of identifying them and relating such images to the situation. An intrinsic response by... Continue Reading →

Spiral Rainbows

by Blue_Notebook Hair convolute like a felon danced upon the whisper of the winds as their edges beckon for my name. The supple strands are carefully yet carelessly dropped in a wave-like manner into the gravity that holds all that lies above. Processed are these curly weavings by the darkness akin to that which hugs... Continue Reading →

Perused Vestige

by Blue_Notebook Blank stares from colourless eyes are the best. Mouths gaped open are the best. Silent destruction---or perhaps my mind's still haunting the wicked---is the best. The mere thought of the sun being able to sleep after watching over this destitute world is a delight I couldn't take. Perhaps, the reality of such creation... Continue Reading →

Stolen Soul

by Blue_Notebook Believe me when my ebbing voice vanishes into thin whispers. Because all stars die together with their illumination. And I'm no star. Only a rheum, a scant of it that refuses all light to gather and possess me. That, in its very sense, is the reason why our passing is of no grace... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   Nose-dive: a swift plunge downward by an aeroplane, kite, etc.   Clouds of mist have floated still and motionless around where I stand. Almost phantasmagorical in nature as it endeavours to replace the hue of the place into that of a darker tincture, robbing my eyes of the power to perceive and... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook   It does not reflect on me. Perhaps I should break the mirror because it is a defect. There goes the moon bright, curved into a million geodes. Enticing, yes. But see, it is dark as the inside of an ocean. There goes the birds feint, flying high in euphoria underneath a white... Continue Reading →

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