What Loving Might Really Be

by Blue_Notebook

I think humans are wrong to view love as a driving force, as a necessity in this world, or even as a guide for us to be better humans.


The poets didn’t lie when they said that love is the most magical thing this world contains. But magic… I believe it is something that we must govern instead of having it the other way around. Love is the fire of Venus, beautiful and perfect. But at the same time, if you don’t know how to handle it, you’ll be blinded by its sheen, burned by its warmth, and charred by its fervour.

Yes, it is the power we’ve been given. We can love someone or something to life and to death. Love is selfish, greedy, lusty, and immature. It’s a king and it is also a queen. It wants to rule us, to be us because it is formless. Oh, how demonic love can be, how monstrous. It isn’t tame. It doesn’t take on to reason, logic, or justice. If it covets a someone, it will destroy the whole world if need be just to have that someone. To have.

And yet, love blinds and binds. We dare say we love the other and if this love is indeed real, we ultimately begin to not see things as they are but, being half in stupor, we see them as the perfect and well-shaped creatures who don’t need improvement or nurturing. No. Love is too selfish for that. It takes and takes and takes while reveling in the illusion of giving, giving, giving. Until one day the one we love dies, withers. And we are left thinking, “But they were fine! They were perfect!”

No. They were excoriated to death, hungry for life, and just plainly hollow aside from the loving that fills their soul. Because love isn’t meant for the physical body, it never was.

Love exists for the soul. Magic to magic. It is too much for the physique to handle, that if one fails to know this, love will end up destroying them and everything they hold dear.

And thus, loving is never easy. One needs to be its master, prevent it from affecting the physical realm, prevent it from destroying the body for a soul in love is much too powerful to contain it wishes to break through.

I guess, it is why we do the intercourse, to make our souls connect somehow, to tell each other that it is fine, that though locked inside the flesh, we are connected and that we love. We love. We love to the point of controlling a destruction that’s always meant to be. And that if we succeed, then we know that the price of love’s magic has been paid well and true.

Art credits to: Leonid Afremov, Moment of Passion

Author’s Note: Love was taught to me by a Queen (a feline), my Queen, who passed last June 20. She’s more human than I am, can ever be. And she is thoroughly longed to be cared for again. /

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