Schrödinger’s Writer

by Gabrielle L. Ricafrente (Blue_Notebook) Sometimes, upon closing my eyes to search for muses inside a place so dark and empty as my thoughts, letters of the alphabet would loom before me as gargantuan elements. With my corporeal eyes closed tight, my mind’s eye bulges and shifts wildly. And I watch as my spirit grows... Continue Reading →

A Boo From the Crowd (An Essay About Acting)

by Blue_Notebook There has been lots of quotations and thoughts that have been popularized throughout the past millennia. And one of those has taken quite an enormous effect on me that it made great influence upon my writing as well as in my acting. That is, ‘The world is a stage play where people are... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook“Oh, so you’re a writer? Can you give me fifty essays regarding the society-tighty-tighty-blah-blah, ten good poems about whatever you prefer they will be about, sixty articles too targeting the politicians because, you know, they are and must be examined once and a while but not too much, all right? And also nine novels... Continue Reading →

From the Glittering Sky and Below

by Blue_Notebook   There they shine like gossamer stars floating in the dark melancholic sky. The censers of this nation’s sweet and afire desire to fly and to be recognized by its own people and by the flux of time.   Their bodies are slender and swift like a rose, bedizened with colorful stripes of... Continue Reading →

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