Life who isn't mine I want to remind you of a present wrapped in ink tucked safe in papers and blogs your immortalized reflection. Credits to Gull G for the picture used: Beautiful Woman Holding Flower


by Blue_Notebook Dark is the sky that flattens its countenance above us. But incongruously enough for the perception of the ignorant, divested of all aureate dots, it loomed upon us the heft of a sorrow unseen, of a dint unfelt. This insufferable atmosphere has caused none but great trepidation within my carcass as I witness... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook“Oh, so you’re a writer? Can you give me fifty essays regarding the society-tighty-tighty-blah-blah, ten good poems about whatever you prefer they will be about, sixty articles too targeting the politicians because, you know, they are and must be examined once and a while but not too much, all right? And also nine novels... Continue Reading →

Blue Lilies (A Sequel to “Melt”)

by Blue_Notebook             At once, my ears have been cleansed by the lustre vibrations of Paganini’s romanticizing his violin. The man of high value has been sent to me with an order to play while I entertain the newly arrived guest of our Cimmerian Tower. He’s on his 24th caprice now which I, for... Continue Reading →

Mar Thy Crown

by Blue_Notebook Descants of fury and perverse erupted from the inverted hills atop the mountain of the dead, sanctified by an obsidian cross bathed with the water holy from the firmament above that is red with all the drugging it’s made to be used to for aeons. The time has come, the reckoning. From the... Continue Reading →

by Blue_Notebook Countless are the times when, Word by word my hand like a bleeding thorn, Spoke of endless lies by the aid of a pen, Thinking that perhaps the time is nought but scorn, In which our fates are convoluted for all kind of storms.   And I was wrong.   Far are the... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook         The sharpest, longest, and loudest inhale swarmed at the entirety of the lurid chamber. It owned every corner, every top and bottom, every furniture and material my vision would allow me to perceive and consume by the means of identifying them and relating such images to the situation. An intrinsic response by... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook             Within the absence of lunacy liveth the sprout of immeasurable folly. Deprived is the stem and corruption sways at its gazillion roots bent in an angle highly convoluted than the spares of humanity. Petals of frozen blood present all iniquity with contrivance and dalliance. Following the trail of desiccated thorns erected in... Continue Reading →


by Blue_Notebook At the recess of your prison dark, I crept, perusing with my hands the darkened liquid that flowed from you and I wept. Hypnotized by the monstrous heart of this evil ground, no longer have I sauntered in felicity around. Tortured heaving collapsed in my hearing, my love, my dear, how much are... Continue Reading →

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