A Drop

by Blue_Notebook


Are you in pain the moment you fell from what you thought is infinity? Are you hurt the moment you shattered to pieces right before me? Whisper.


From where I am spreads this obscurity. The only color I see is the tincture of the blind’s vision. And yet I do not howl to complain for such beauty enchants me. Here in my abode, no air roams. I’ve been leeching off of these mechanical tubes attached to my mouth. These act as restraints for me not to lash out and devour every living carcass within my reach. And also, as life supports. I do not inhale oxygen the way mundanes do. The gas coming off of my boiling blood has been the main source of my life for eons. Though one might already scamper off when they encounter the tank where my existence is confined.


A monster like me doesn’t need to worry of such temporary problems similar to losing a ton of blood. Because I bleed differently than mortals do. Though most of my blood have been used in quintessential occasions to be drank by the ignoble brewed within my fur. Sometimes, I feign it as a sad— an expression I’ve acquired from that visitor— humoristic play of reality. But somehow, through these creatures’ lives I gain my vitality and power.  Ah… the sweetness of my triangular teeth the moment I’ve devoured a human!


Tell me your story.




Ah. These gigantic, diamond chains wrapped on my ankles, wrists, and neck never fails to underestimate the capability of what humans consider as “chimera” like me. My saliva’s dripping down to the abyss below my feet… again. Someone—something alive must be roaming around. Though my coal tinctured eyes couldn’t see any ethereal movement anywhere.


Perhaps what I’ve sensed came from up there. Are they rejoicing again? Somehow, this tier of mine is the most solitude one. For a hundred decades, the silence I’ve created grew more than it should, turning me into a rabid entity. A king like me should feel more boundless. But this crown of sand seems to pin me right here. It is insanely (acquired) heavy and the more time passes by, the more it becomes impossible for me to lift it and stay as is while I keep the dead stay below me as I fight with the higher Divinities.


Let me help you.


No! My voice is still lost somewhere deep within me, suppressed by these tubes that dig further within my ‘globe’. Globe—the source of those blood I boil. Or perhaps, it really must be boiled. It was there even before I regain my consciousness and realized that I was still shackled with another crown of sand, and this throne of thorns that sip a lot of blood away from my godly body. Such a shame how mortals crave to be me when even they couldn’t handle those imaginary ‘pains’ they harbor.


I would’ve been satiated with this kind of kingdom. But you came, flapping yourself in through a tiny crack perhaps, if your confession is true, under the lowest tier, 867 levels below here. The dead grew restless due to your arrival and yet you— you’re frail, clueless of what lies beyond your capacity to comprehend. You were contemplating when I first saw you, vacillating the way my blood do when it ripples away from its beholder. I was—at first— mesmerized by your light. By your flickering light. It was the first and the last color I’ve ever seen here in this tall and gloomy tower where I, the iniquitous resides. My curiosity upon your existence pushed me to stare at you as you flap around my tier, searching perhaps for any sign of life. Then you came close to where I sat, closer, closer, and close enough you came in contact right between my beastly eyes where you stayed. Not shivering even when I flashed to you the sharpness of my fangs.


How do you see me?


No. You wouldn’t even feel fear due to my fascination upon your being. Perhaps, I showed you nothing but awe back then. And yet, no matter how much you look invigorating (a facade), the fact of you being alive is more than enough reason for me to gnaw at your existence. But you weren’t afraid of me, of the things that I can do. You stayed and perused the darkness within me. And every time you do, I couldn’t help but to bite you. Perhaps I have hurt you more than once because the last time I gnarled at you, you left with your wings tattered and lifeless. And from then on, I have longed for your presence again– in secret.


All of you made everything seem like a divine contrivance. Dreams. Illusions. Delusions. These are just different words that bedizens the truth behind it. Should I confess to you what I’ve been impeding to utter?  That you and all of who you are and what you are when you rattled my world, is fake? A temporary cure for this madness. It is a lot much better that you left this abode of mine.


“Are you in pain the moment you fell from what you thought is infinity? Are you hurt the moment you shattered into pieces right before me?” Whisper. Murmur the pain you’ve felt back to me and make me feel boundless from such debt. This, human, is my tier. And only the same firefly from before can enter back here with ease. The clacking of your pointed shoes is driving me hungrily with this uncontrollable desire to tear you down to pieces. Ah! The aroma of mundane flesh! More! More! More! I AM FREE! Again I can chew and claw upon things!


Here comes the living folly. Breathing the very stinky stench I’ve always loathed. Ah! My hunger! Now I can feed! Now I can kill the one above me! Now I can—




Save this from the abyss—




this creature of the heavens—




to my silence she’s a drop.



Author’s Note: Credits to the owner of the picture used.


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