Unexpected Influx

by Blue_Notebook


It is of my utter discomfort upon such devastating extravaganzas that excited discourse in this unprecedented matter. The echo of its folly have reached my chambers, making me shift in ugly, indecorous positions. Though, of course, my being is not of that in an oblivious state to delay the truth of its being ineffective. This contrivance of the hours I’ve gathered and created have tilted a part of me — suppose the first theory of Aristotle and Ptolemy which apprehends the discussion of the entire universe as somewhat, having an under lobe of dark sky and infinite collection of stars — that exposes none but void bedizened with chrysalis-like hatred and asperity toward all mankind. Unyielding I am known. But pray, for all incongruity of this dimension encompasses my holistic self. And a foible glass it is to be in contact with such fiery noise and disperse like lifeless leaves of autumn.

The incident proposed by ineffable profundity at hand is of sprouts arriving at the lowest level of this shady tower. It is my caustic comprehension of things that made me leave several inches from my throne to peer at the sudden clamor down there. Surely, my crown pitied the valet of that tier together with his stressful master. The cruelty of fate is a blast and though, I fear for the upcoming flood of sprouts to come and start corroding in that ground full of toxic carrying air. I presume, the scare of decay and the picturesque scenario of chubby maggots rising up to my own tier is inevitable. To think that all of my life-long treasures and vastness of grandeur will be swarmed of melted flesh that stinks worse than humanity itself, it is a frivolous derision upon a holder of infinity. Another destitute present of arrogance from those filthy generational creation of insipidity.

We—all those who owns a place in this dreary palace (but perhaps, this is none but a tower in the human eye)— have been lately briefed of the malady human beings in a certain land have been suffering into for, perhaps, a month or so. Shortly afterwards, a meeting was called and as far as I was told, the discussion contains absolute pity toward the victims. Though it was called a meeting, its form of being one is not suitable for extroverts. We use ravens as messengers toward each other, making communication a lot more inconvenient than it already is.

My paper contains of a letter written with my blood. Its tincture is of brown for I am neither a living entity nor a dead one. Within it is as follows:

All Obstinacy,

Humanity have revelled all opulence we humbly bequeath them with. The years of  endless feeding upon their pursuit of unrivaled erudition had, at last, led them toward this abstruse consequence. Although the involvement of the sprouts is quite unnecessary for me to approve of as a highly punishment. For billions of decades, I was known to be the most ossified of us all due to my iniquitous responses upon the prayers of humanity. But surely, I am not adamant. These events have excited my theories into factual information. And yet, the incumbent reality of my being concerned toward the future is ought to be understood. Their passing is the passing of us. Surely, the committee is in need of agreeing to this proposition: exterminate all possible foible the sprouts have for the mean time.


Carcass of 1,371th tier

Those who live in Earth must’ve thought of life as absolute, uncontested. But the gods were ought to defy such ignoble thoughts and turn them into pallor nightmares. Though the latter is not perceivable by the mortals, it is better to never put ignorance at stake. The human body is naught but a foible structure of sands that will shatter when it comes in contact with greater waves. Strictly speaking of which immortality is surely unattainable for humanity. Although, certain medicines and scientific tricks had been posed as major, undeniable facts to prolonging their life lines. This, no matter how exciting it can be for the nincompoop, is nothing more than a torture plan to prolong suffering. A poison that works slowly for years to bring us some theatrical show that is worthy of applauding from hands that shower petals of white roses when pleased. Perhaps, such thing of our magnificence awes them in an unknown degree. The sacrifices though, are not of my expertise to accept nor decline.

Ah— perhaps, mankind have finally identified the cause of such unstoppable deterioration of health and wealth. The malady of them propagating in an unfathomable celerity, when seen in a bigger picture, is almost the same as to arresting a scenario of billion bees swarming around and trying to fit inside that small, sinking and crumbling bee hive. It brought unfeigned tremor within those who peeked on it. Surely, even I can decide upon my own kin’s extermination in one errant caprice. Survival is always the first instinct of animals. They, down there, are no more than insects trying to imitate beasts and kings and queens like us up here. And due to their own avaricious coveting upon the chimera, they’ve been introduced to death and now, war perhaps.

Continuous flapping of wings approached my tier. It didn’t take long for my gaze to catch the noisy messenger and the piece of paper within its beak. With a final swapping of its wings, it came to a halt atop of my left hand. My right waited at the lobe of its pointed beak and there it dropped the rolled paper which I hastily opened.

All Obstinacy,

Kindness is not of your virtue. But surely enough, your concern upon our playthings is much appreciated with ample gratitude.

The council has made its final judgment. And I am more than filled with felicity to tell you of our decision. Their race will end at midnight. Further objections upon this matter will not be entertained.


Bleak of 1,672th tier

I slowly turned to the crow and stared into its eyes. There in its darkness I saw a needle-like light. But pray for what am I but a god of the billion stars. Certainly, I will not yield upon the request of the old. Humanity represents all foible and nothing else. Shall I go down and open the gates for home or continue eradicating those on the higher tiers. Surely, I am no nincompoop to fall on the latter.



Credits to the Owner of the picture used.

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